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Philipp Enders


Philipp Enders was born in 1980 in Stuttgart, Germany. Prior to his film studies Philipp Enders made an apprenticeship as a digital media designer and studied Philosophy and Art History in Freiburg. In 2003-2009 he studied Film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. In 2006/2007 Philipp got a scholarship for his studies at the International Filmschool Cuba (EICTV). His graduation film “MAN STIRBT” received several awards. In 2010 Philipp Enders co-founded the production company Gegenschuss Filmproduktion with his colleagues Patrick Doberenz and Moritz Grund. They produced the docufiction ALICE 5.0 for ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel in 2011 and the documentary film HELDENSOHN for ZDF/arte in 2013. Philipp Enders was also scholarship student at the AV-Gründerzentrum NRW and the Documentary Campus Masterschool. He lives and works as a freelance filmmaker, producer and editor in Cologne, Germany.

“Gone? Really, really gone? What do you mean, gone?” The film begins with an unpleasant discovery – 3,500 euros that I thought were safe in my bank have evaporated. And there is nothing I can do about it. Ranting at my petty-minded bank manager will get me nowhere. He calmly tells me in the most complicated terms that the financial system has simply swallowed my money. Just like that?! But where exactly did my money go? Who got rich from my savings? I always believed in the conservation law we were taught in physics, so how can a physical thing – in fact 3,500 of those things – disappear?

This was the moment when I realised that I – probably along with most of the population – hadn't a clue how the financial system actually works. Even if everyone else did understand, I knew for sure that I didn’t. This made me the perfect person to embark on this journey of discovery. MONEY is my trip through space and time; a creative documentary which will explain our financial system in an entertaining and accessible way. But I won’t be alone… Taking the form of companion and advisor, and even helping me to structure my thoughts, my know-it-all smartphone app will lead me through the quagmire of jargon and confusion on my journey. It illustrates the most complex connections in a way that everyone understands, even me. Each topic I type into the search engine becomes a chapter of the film. And each chapter leads to another topic. In addition, the app will be available in the real world, forming the core of the transmedia part of our project.

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August 18th, 2015
New York, Boston, Sao Paulo, Brussels, Vienna, Izmir, Sardis, Leeds, Berlin, Prague, Frankfurt, Belo Horizonte, Cologne and Hannover
Philipp Enders
Philipp Enders
Jonas Katzenstein
Maximilian Leo
Kathrin Brinkmann
Katharina Dufner
Philipp Enders
Philipp Enders
Jonas Katzenstein
Maximilian Leo
Patrick Doberenz
Loy Wesselburg
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Marta Herrmann
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Philipp Stendebach
Keve Zvolenszky
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